The Who Wha't Why How—A slang usage of letterforms, displayed with the clever and exuberant antics. This enjoyable experience is luted with lots of elements, alluding to the mysteries of what makes fruit juices so good. Designs Create wonderful escape of the colorful nature and the handmade elements of the city, pressured out a small nozzle and onto the canvas blending elements of botanical fruits together into one beautiful fruit-combination. These fruit fusions come together into variety of favors blasting with the lushest fruit extracts:

The Choice to knock off he T was a bold move- to create a slang urban element to the sleek and clear idea for the Graffiti.
Heartrus— is a commerical Identity that was created onto of the packaging identity. Standing onto of its "Helping your Heart with a citrus promise" slogan having people + one glass+ one serving + one healthy heart
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